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2019 December Dinner Flyer 2

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Corsair Yacht Club

Our modest outdoor facility, located in the beautiful cove of Emerald Bay (Catalina Island's West End), is the 2nd home to a small fleet of 75 Southern California boaters. The white sands, complex reefs and luscious kelp make a home for many underwater creatures, which is why Emerald Bay is considered one of the best dive spots in California. After a single visit, many boaters quickly come to see why Corsair Yacht Club is considered to be the "Best Little Yacht Club in the World!"




Corsair Yacht Club
Post Office Box 14777
Long Beach, CA 90853

    Secretary: Bob Eberwine
Webmaster: Bob Eberwine


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  MEMBERSHIP Questions?  Please e-mail John Glaister
General Correspondence should be addressed to

2019 Officers

Commodore –  John Glaister, SV Reverie

Vice Commodore – Warren Stone, SV Stone-n-Love

Rear Commodore – Jenny Lesiow, SV Princess Sierra

Fleet Captain – Steve DeWitt, MV Blonde Voyage II

Port Captain –  Brooke Alberts, SV China Cat
Secretary/Treasurer – Bob Eberwine, SV Mintaka

Jr. Staff CommodoreCraig Barnes, MV Escapade


2019 Directors

Karafaye Buffa, SV Ahsante
Tim Daleo, MV Sweet Freedom
Stuart Liggan, MV Great Escape
Dennis Lynaugh, SV Faux Jeanneau
William Young, MV Kaimana


Fleet Surgeon – Scott Hardy, SV American Beauty

Judge Advocate – Laura McLennan, SV Intuition